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Custom Hoodies


Make Custom Hoodies at

Comfort and style. . that’s exactly what our custom hoodies and hooded sweatshirts are about. Funky-T customized hoodies have drawstrings and a kangaroo pocket in the front and also come in many styles that include zipper hoodies or standard pull-over sweatshirts. Ideal for anyone, our custom hoodies are made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester which means they are durable and aren’t prone to shrinking. If you’re looking for something a little different we have a selection of tri-blend zip-hoodies as well as fleece and even track jackets with hoods that you can customize.

Funky-T’s T-Shirt Design lab is your way to create your own customized sweatshirts, personalized hoodies, and other apparel. You can design your own custom sweatshirts and hoodies using our text tool and images or you can always add your own custom art by uploading right from yoiur computer. In our online t-shirt designer you will see a huge selection of not only hooded sweatshirts, but many other types of apparel and even gifts that you can choose from. Your custom hoodie making dreams are literraly minutes away. Here at, you can be as Funky as you want – the only limitation is your creativity.

Create your own custom hoodies right online

If you really want your custom hoodies to stand out in a crowd making your own is the way to do it. No one can create the perfect look or message for you better than you. Just visit our easy to use t-shirt maker where you can create your own personalized hoodies or other products like custom sweatshirts by adding your own text or customized design and we’ll do the printing and ship your custom hoodie(s) right to you. If you need some inspiration, check out our themed t-shirts in our t-shirt shop.

A Little Hoodie History

The hoodie has come a long way since Sylvester Stallone wore his simple grey sweatshirt in Rocky. Everyone from the working class to the athlete and even common criminal wanted to dress like this icon. With little change other than customization, of course, the hoodie has advanced into modern culture transending the borders of athletics, Emo, POP, Punk and Hip Hop. In American culture the hoodie is an essential article of clothing.

It’s no wonder that this is one of the top sellers for personalization – everybody’s wearing them! Today, you find that universities offer their logo on custom hoodies and custom polo shirts so that proud students, parents and alumni can show something about themselves while being in style. Hip Hop, skater and alumns alike can customize this apparel to individual taste.

When it Comes to Printing Your Custom Hoodie. . .

When designing your personalized hoodie with Funky-T, you have access to our high-quality t-shirt printing. Our apparel doesn’t fade or crack with the first wash. And you can use our online t-shirt designer to browse through already created product designs just in case you aren’t feeling all that inspired or to sell your custom hoodie or long sleeve shirt designs. Products ship in 24-48 hours, so you won’t have to wait long to wear and sell your customized hoodie from Funky-T.

So How Do I Create a Custom Hoodie Online at

There are a lot of print-on-demand companies for custom sweatshirts that make it extremely difficult for you to truly create quality personalized sweatshirts. The FunkyTshack T-Shirt Designer really makes it easy for you. We have a huge selection of sweatshirts and hoodies — you can choose the perfect style or fit for your business, team or casual wear. If you want to see how easy it is to create your own hoodie, just hit the “need help” tab above for a quick walk through or Click Here and start creating your own right now!


Creating Your Own Custom Hoodie at


Creating Your Own Custom Hoodie is as Simple as 1,2,3 at FunkyT

Our Online Apparel Design Tool is perfect for creating and cusomizing your own Hoodie. You don’t have to worry about Minimum Orders here, because there aren’t any and we have several styles of hooded sweatshirts to choose from! View the quick vidoe demo above or:

1. Choose the Hoodie You Want to Customize and Make Your Own by:

Going to the “Make Your Own” Tab and selecting “Choose Product” in our online designer. Here you can choose the style of hoodie you want to customize.

2. Creating Your Custom Hoodie With Art:

You either want to add art or text to your hoodie creation, if you want to add art just click “Choose Design” to select from our preloaded vector designs or upload your photos, logos or images using the “Upload Photo” Button. NOTE: if you want just your art (no background box) then you will need to save your file as a transparent .png

3. Adding Text to Your Hoodie:

Many people want to add personalized messages to their hoodies and with our “Text Tool” you can! Simply click the “Add Text” button and type your message right onto the hoodie. Move the text where you would like it to appear. You can use the text settings menu to change the size and color of your text.

4. Double Check the Placement and Spelling!

Do a quick double check to make sure that everything looks right, select your size(s), “Add to Basket” and complete the purchase.

Congrats! Your new hoodie will be printed within 48 hours and shipped to you.