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Custom Dog T-shirts


Personalized Dog Shirts and Bandanas

Create unique one-of-a-kind custom dog t-shirts and accessories for those little furry friends. Launch the t-shirt designer and choose from the following selection of dog t-shirts and bandanas for your pets. You can also add your own design and text. Just like you and I, our pets have their own personality. So, why not have a little fun with it and make a personalized shirt for your dog and his or her personality?

Funky-T’s T-Shirt Maker is your way to create your personalized pet prints. You can design your own text and images, select and print from one of our large or small dog breed t-shirts or bandanas. In our online t-shirt designer you will see our huge selection of other apparel and gifts, even for the people in your life.

Show Your Pet’s Personality

We know your dog has personality, but a lot of times your dog may have a hard time expressing just the right sentiment. Here’s your chance to help out. Print the personalized message you or your dog wants to express to the world. With custom dog t-shirts your “little pricess” or “good boy” can finally let people know what’s on their mind.

Custom Dog Tshirts For Your Business

Many of you have found custom t-shirts to be a great way to advertise your businesses and some of you have been capitalizing on that with your dog shirts. We’ve also seen some creative marketers from different pet organizations accross the States using custom dog tshirts to help find abandoned pups a new home or raise awareness in the community. You can take a look at some of the creative doggy designs that have come through here by clicking the “Shop Our Pet Designs” link below, or Create a Shirt for your dog right now!

We would love to see your creations on your pets. If you would like to be featured on our site, send us your photos here.


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custom dog t-shirts

How Do I Make A Custom Shirt for My Dog?


Making a Custom Doggie Tee is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

If you have a great idea that you want to see on your dog, we can help. Our online t-shirt maker is stocked with apparel for your pets as well their humans. You can watch the quick video above to get a feel for how our design tool works, and here is a quick summary of how to get to the dog shirts to customize.

1. Let’s Choose a Kids Shirt to Customize:

First, go to the Make Your Own Tool and Click on the “Choose Product” button in the T-Shirt Designer. In the drop down menu select “Accessories” and then “Dog T-shirts”. Select your item and. . .

2. The Fun Begins, Adding Art to Your Dog’s Tshirt:

We have a large catalog of art and messages that you can select online with the
“Choose Design” Tab. If you have a special photo or business logo that you would like to use for your dog’s t-shirt just Click “Upload Photo” to upload your own graphics. NOTE: if you want your logo or image to have a transparent background (not show up with a white box) then you will need to save your file as a transparent .png

3. Want to Add a Funny Message or Custom Text?

Not a problem! You can simply click “Add Text” in the design tool to choose fonts and type a custom message right on to your dog shirt or bandana.

Placing Your Order

That’s it! You can create custom t-shirts and accessories in minutes at Funkytshack. All that’s left is to double check your art, text and positioning on your new custom dog t-shirt. Last thing to do is simply click the “Add to Basket” Button and enter your checkout information. Your custom t-shirt order will be produced within 24-48 hours and shipped according to your selection. If your order is over $50, you can use the FREESHIPUS promo code at checkout to get free standard shipping.