The FunkyTShack guide to Bachelorette Party Essentials

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Tying the knot this year? You’re going to want to go out in style: with the best bachelorette party the world has ever seen! Gather your bridesmaids and have a blast together before making the big step towards marriage. And here are some things that will surely come in handy during your wild night:

bachelorette party essentials



1. A fun top. You can’t have a bachelorette party without a fun, custom tee! How else are people going to offer you free shots?


2. Plasters. All that dancing might hurt your feet… It’s best if you have plasters at hand, just in case.


3. Aspirin. With all of those free shots, chances are high that you could fall victim to the dreaded hangover and you’re not gonna want to look for drugstores at 6 in the morning.


4. Water. You need to rehydrate to get the alcohol out of the body, and water is the best way to do so.


5. Lip balm. Dry skin is a drag, and lipstick might seem complicated to apply after a long night. Lip balm is easy and efficient.


6. Sunglasses. Cover any traces of runny makeup, dark circles and red eyes with trendy shades. No one will ever know.


7. Hair ties. It’s pretty clear you won’t finish the night with the same hairdo you started it. Hair ties are handy to keep hair off your face and they make up for lack of volume.


8. Eye mask. Some good sleep is a blessing after a night of partying.


9. Flask. Hangovers are often cured with more drinking! A sip of something strong could put you back on your feet.


Now go and have the night of your life!



This guest post was written by Daria P. who also contributes for and; she also runs her own fashion blog called Kittenhood.




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