Print on Custom Bags – Personalize Duffle Bags, Totes and More!

/Print on Custom Bags – Personalize Duffle Bags, Totes and More!
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Custom Bags – We Got’em

A custom bag, really? Why not personalize your back-to-school backpack, or personalize your bag for a day at the beach, or customize the bag you take to the gym. There’s a thousand ways to use a bag and we have a thousand ways for you to customize yours. provides a wide assortment of customized bags: backpacks, duffle bags, tote bags, messenger bags and more. Take a look and find out which personalized bag is right for you, then you can use our online T-Shirt Maker to completely design your custom bag. Just like any other apparel item at Funky T, you can add your own text, images, or pictures to make your personalized bag.

What would I use a custom bag for?

There are a buzillion uses for the bags we provide for personalization. When you think about it for just a second, you start to realize there are custom bags everywhere you go. Eco-friendly grocery bags are super trendy right now, and what kid doesn’t have school bags, family beach bags? Perhaps you’ve spotted some of our custom tote bags around and thought, hey this would be perfect for carrying “you fill in the blank” when you’re on the go.

Do you work out? If you’ve been in any gym recently, you’ve probably seen a lot of custom bags. FunkyTshack’s custom duffle bags are the real deal. They have a protective rain cover, reinforced bottom, perfect for all of your custom athletic wear, right?

You’re probably starting to get the idea, but if you need another example, what about our custom messenger bag? Our messenger bag ain’t for delivering the mail, even though it would easily handle the load. The Funky T custom messenger bag is stylish, super spacious with an adjustable shoulder strap – perfect for any job including delivering messages.

We’ve got a custom bag for every occasion

We don’t need to give you a reason to make a personalized bag, we’re sure you already have one. But, when you do come to the FunkyTshack to design your custom bag, we give you access to our high-quality on-demand printing, fast delivery, and amazing customer service.

It’s no wonder that this is one of the top sellers for personalization – everybody’s wearing them! Today, you find that universities offer their logo on custom hoodies and custom polo shirts so that proud students, parents and alumni can show something about themselves while being in style. Hip Hop, skater and alumns alike can customize this apparel to individual taste.

How do I create my custom bag with Funky Tshack?

We make the design process simple here. Making your custom tote, messenger or duffle bag is the same process as creating any other item on our site. . .

Step One: head on over to the custom bag and tote designer.

Step Two: select “accessories” from the product list.

Step Three: upload your own design or choose a design from one of the preloaded designs.

Step Four: add your own text, select your size and head over to the checkout.

It’s that simple.

Creating Your Own Custom Duffle Bags at


Adding Text, Logos and Art to Duffle Bags or Carry Bags is Easy at

You bet, our online tee shirt maker allows you to make much more than just shirts including duffle bags and a variety of carry bags. Like all our products there are NO Minimum Orders! Watch the video to see how our online designer works.

1. Where Do I Find Bags to Customize on FunkyTshack?

Good question. Click “Make Your Own” Tab in the main menu to go to our design tool. Under “Choose Product” in the design tool, select “Accessories” here you will see a variety of different bags that you can put art or text on.

2. Adding Art to One of Our Bags:

Once you’ve selected the bag style you would like to customize, you can add art by clicking “Choose Design” where you will have the option to browse and select from our library of art or upload photos, logos or images of your own using the “Upload Photo” Button. NOTE: if you want just your art (no background box) then you will need to save your file as a transparent .png

3. Want to Add Text to Your Bag Too?

You can easily add your name or a personalized message with our “Text Tool” — Simply click the “Add Text” button and type your message right onto your bag! Adjust the text with the text settings menu to change the size and color of your text.

4. Wrap it Up!

Make sure everything is correct, then “Add to Basket” and complete your order.