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/Print Custom Clothing and Uniforms for Your Business
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Custom clothing


Brand YOU – Custom Clothing at Funky Tshack

Brand image has never been more prevalent right down to what you’re wearing. Whether it’s corporate or personal what you’re wearing can be and is saying something to someone. Make sure that you’re in charge of your message, with our customized clothing, custom polo shirts, and other personalized clothing, you can be make your message and create your personal brand.

If you want to spread the word, print it on customized clothes with the Funky T-Shirt Maker. Upload your own designs, images, and pictures and choose from tons of products, from custom t-shirts to custom tank tops to athletic wear. Afterall, do you want people to see brand X or brand YOU?

Building Your Brand with Apparel

Whether you’re branding a product or a company you need to put in the work to build a brand. If your brand isn’t established yet, ask yourself some key questions to get started;

• What kind of company are you trying to establish?

• Who are your clients or customers?

• What is your target demographic?

• What services do you provide, etc.?

These questions may seem pretty simple, but if you spend enough time properly researching the answers to your questions you will find that you have provided yourself with a guide to direct your creativity in the design process. Remember, every element of your design is something that will be associated with the business or product you are branding. These elements should evoke emotion, create a reaction, and will not only define the company but be a part of it for as long as it exists.

If you require professional help creating a strong brand image, consult Pixel Productions Inc.

The FunkyT Difference with Custom Clothing

FunkyTshack is the perfect choice to create your own custom clothing. Our high quality printing, fast delivery, and amazing customer service make your personalized clothing experience simple and easy.

Isn’t it time you stop wearing other people’s apparel, create your own custom clothing and start your own personal brand?

Design and Print Custom Apparel for Groups and Events Online


The FunkyTshack tee shirt designer is perfect for creating custom shirts for groups, teams and events.

Watch the video above to see how easy our online designer is to use. The benefits of using

No minimums, Hight Quality, Fast and Flexible Shipping and for Groups we can set up custom landing pages for you to order from where your information and custom products will be saved just for you.

Using our Online designer is easy.

The best way to get a feel for our online personalization tool is to watch the short video above or spend a couple of minutes just playing around with it. Browse through our massive apparel inventory, our library of art and our text tool. You can add custom art and text to the front, back, and even sleeves of almost all of our tee shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.

If you are ordering for a group, team or event then contact us, so that we can help you set up a custom landing page just for you.

We try to make the process as streamlined as possible. Let us know if you have any questions.