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Custom Sweatshirts


Making Custom Sweatshirts Online at

Have you ever had one of those crappy personalized sweatshirts that looks like a lint factory puked all over it after one wash? You won’t get that here. Our Custom sweatshirts are pill-resistant, air jetspun yarn and Lycra® with spandex ribbed collar and cuffs. If you’re going to have a custom sweatshirt, it should at least look good after a wear and a wash.

Funky-T’s online apparel designer is your way to create your own customized sweatshirts, personalized hoodies, and other apparel. You can design your own text and images, select and print from a wide variety of products. Hop over to our online t-shirt making design center and make that custom sweatshirt Funky. Want to start creating yours now?

We Only Use High Quality Sweatshirts for our Online Printing

Custom sweatshirts are not immune to technological advances. Personalized sweatshirts made with polyester have a tendency to form tiny balls on the surface of the clothing called pills. At Funky-T, your custom sweatshirt comes equipped to fight off those pills that can ruin your custom design. Afterall, you should be able to wear your customized sweatshirt over and over again. With ours, you will know what to expect.

Besides the pill-resistant advantage, our custom sweatshirts are designed for quick drying and made to be bacteria and UV resistant. With custom sweatshirts from Funky-T you won’t have to worry about your personalized sweatshirts losing it’s form-fitting quality after a trip to the washing machine.

And women, don’t worry. . . our women’s personalized sweatshirts are just as advanced. We use a triblend sponge fleece material so your custom sweatshirt is breathable, comfortable, and form-fitting. Turns out that there is a blend for comfort, style and quality after all.

The Custom Sweatshirt Bottom Line

When it comes to custom sweatshirts at the FunkyTshack there are 3 things you can count on..

Comfort: no one likes custom clothing that is too tight or too baggy or too itchy. A custom sweatshirt from Funky-T means your comfort above all else. We know that if you’re not comfortable in your clothes then you’re probably not going to come back and frankly that makes us a little uncomfortable.

Style: hey, it’s a sweatshirt, but a custom sweatshirt can still be fashionable. There’s a reason the common sweatshirt is still the primary choice during those cool fall days. So make sure you complete your fall/winter wardrobe with a personalized sweatshirt.

Durability: nothing is worse than a stretched out neck or waist line on a custom sweatshirt. While some personalized sweatshirts stretch after one trip to the wash, Funky-T won’t let that happen.

Custom Sweatshirt Expertise

When designing your personalized sweatshirt with Funky-T, you have access to our high-quality t-shirt printing. Our apparel doesn’t fade or crack with the first wash. And you can use our on-demand t-shirt designer to browse through already created product designs just in case you aren’t feeling all that inspired or to sell your custom sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt designs. Products ship in 24-48 hours, so you won’t have to wait long to wear and sell your customized sweatshirt from Funky-T.

We Make Creating Personalized Sweatshirts Online Cheap and Easy

There are a lot of print-on-demand custom sweatshirt companies that make it extremely difficult for you to truly create quality personalized sweatshirts. Not Funky-T. Funky-T’s T-Shirt Maker really is super easy. All you have to do is follow these four step. . .

Step One: head on over to the designer by following the link above.

Step Two: select “sweatshirts” from mens or womens in the product list.

Step Three: upload your own design or choose a design from our online design tool.

Step Four: add your own text, select your size and head over to the checkout.

It’s that simple.

Make Your Own Customized Sweatshirt at


How do I make my own sweatshirt at FunkyTshack?

You can make your own custom sweatshirt for yourself, group or team with NO minimum order necessary really easily at, here’s how.

1. First, Find the Sweatshirt You Want to Customize and Make Your Own:

You will find our sweatshirts under the “Make Your Own” Tab > “Choose Product” > Select “Men” or “Women” > “Hoodies”. This will filter down to our hooded sweatshirts.

2. Create Your Custom Sweatshirt:

Customize your sweatshirt with your own art or some of ours! Use “Choose Design” to view our vector designs or upload your own photo, logo or image using the “Upload Photo” Button. NOTE: if you want just your art (no background box) then you will need to save your file as a transparent .png

3. Add Text to Your Sweatshirt:

You can type text right onto your sweatshirt with our online sweatshirt maker using the “Text Tool”! Just select “Add Text” and start typing your message right onto your sweatshirt. You can easily drag and reposition your text message and you can use the text settings menu to change the size and color of your text.

4. Proof and Send Your Sweatshirt to Print!

Proof your sweatshirt, select your size(s), “Add to Basket” we’ll print your customized sweatshirt and send it to you.

Congrats! Your new sweatshirt will be printed within 48 hours and shipped to you.