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Want to Make Personalized Underwear?

If you want personalized underwear, we can make that happen. We know that personalized panties have been a huge hit with bachelorette parties or custom underwear for brides and grooms. We’re certainly not goint to tell you what event or ocassion is right for this item – we’ll leave that up to you. People with a lot of personality tend to visit this website and this is just another way to express your personality, mood, style and sense of humor.

So, if you find yourself feeling a little sexy, flirty, seductive or want to express that wonderful sense of humor, then you can design personalized underwear using our T-Shirt Maker. No need to get confused, we call it our T-shirt maker, but it can be used to personalize your thong, bikini or other customized underwear with your own text, colors, and images too. So, if you want to be a little more daring, get Funky with your message and print it on your panties.

Personality with Personalized Underwear

Whether you want to show your new groom that you love him in a completely out of the box and creative way or you took the “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” Mantra a little too seriously, you can always count on us taking our on-demand printing seriously. At Funky Tshack, we pride ourselves on fast delivery, high quality printing, and excellent customer service. So whether it’s a special night or any night, own your personality with some personalized underwear.

Custom Underwear and Brand You

FunkyTshack is the perfect choice to create your own custom clothing. Our high quality printing, fast delivery, and amazing customer service right down to your custom underwear experience – simple and easy.

Isn’t it time you stop wearing other people’s apparel, (B.T.W. Never wear other people’s underwear) create your own custom boxers, personalized panties or thongs and start building brand you 🙂

What, I can make my own custom underwear at FunkyT?


Absolutely, you can make custom and personalized underwear and panties using our desinger.

Just like all our apparel there are No minimums on your order we have fast shipping and high quality garment printing. For those of you who are feeling a little flirty, here’s how you can personalize items that won’t be seen by everybody.

1. So, Where do I find the Underwear and Panties in your online designer?

Here’s how you select them; Click the “Make Your Own” Tab > “Choose Product” > “Men” or “Women”> “Underwear”.

2. How do I add graphics to print on my underwear?

Once you’ve selected your undergarment of choice, “Choose Design”. Here you can choose from our vector art stock to print. Unfortunately, you can’t upload photos from your computer to add to our underwear – the art must be vector. NOTE: if you have your own custom vector art, please email us for help.

3. Adding text for a personalized message on underwear and panties is not a problem!

Type text right onto the underwear or panties using our online designer. You can easily drag and reposition your personalized text and you can use the text settings menu to change the size and color of your text.

4. Double check your message and Print!

I can tell you right now screwing up a personalized message on a pair of panties isn’t what you want to do, so double check your art and then select the appropriate size, “Add to Basket” finish checkout and we’ll print your custom undies and ship them to you or your loved one.