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What to Wear for a Night at the Symphony

What to Wear for a Night at the Symphony If you're wondering what to wear for a night at the symphony, that might just be the one night you pass on the Funky gear and opt for a more appropriate type of apparel. If you’ve never been to a classical concert before, knowing what to [...]

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Cutest Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ever!

Cute and Cuddly! Then only thing better than a personalized t-shirt is a cute little teddy bear wearing a t-shirt with your personalized message. Don't believe me? See for yourself. . . Pretty darn cute, huh? Just a reminder. . . express shipping deadline for Valentine's Day is 2/9 at 11:59 PST      

By |2014-02-07T12:32:39-08:00February 7th, 2014|Funky T-shack News|0 Comments

It’s not too late for Santa’s Delivery!

It's going to be OK, we all procrastinate a little when it comes to holiday gift shopping. The hours slip by... you're busy - we get it. If you want to get your Funky T-Shack order fulfilled just in the Saint Nick of time, you're not too late! In order to receive your package before [...]

By |2013-12-12T09:24:24-08:00December 11th, 2013|Funky T-shack News|0 Comments

First Class Advertising Utilizing Personalized Clothes

First Class Advertising Utilizing Personalized Clothes If you have a business you want to promote, a ball team, cheer-leading team, coaches, little leagues, fundraisers or any other team you're promoting, what better way to do it than with personalized clothes? This is a fantastic way to maximize "word of mouth" advertising — when it's written [...]

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New T-Shirt Designs for the Fourth of July!

America's favorite summer holiday is just weeks away! Are you ready to celebrate the 4th of July? The team here at Funky T-Shack have created a new line of patriotic t-shirts just in time for Independence Day. Whether planning a family barbecue, traveling to a fireworks show, camping with close friends, or participating in other [...]

By |2013-12-12T09:13:42-08:00June 25th, 2013|Holiday Gifts & Apparel|0 Comments
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