Wedding Day Countdown and My Girls Night Out

//Wedding Day Countdown and My Girls Night Out

Wedding Day Countdown and My Girls Night Out

Twenty-nine days. Only twenty-nine days until our wedding day. Flowers—check. Dress—check. Cake—check. All of the essentials were finalized. Now all I had to do was pray that everything went as planned and enjoy the festivities leading up to the big day.

My bridesmaids were kicking off the festivities by throwing me a bachelorette party. I know they had everything under control, but I was trying to think about how I could help. Then I had a brilliant idea! I could get us all matching t-shirts for our big girls’ night out!

bridal tee designer




I’ve seen this idea before, but I had no idea where in the heck to go to actually get it done. I did a little checking on line and no surprise; there were dozens of t-shirt printers that I believe could have helped. I talked to my bride’s maids about the idea and they were on board. Even better, one of them had done something similar for her Scentsy group at a convention. She had used an online t-shirt customizer called so, I went on the website to see if I could find anything that would set me and the girls apart while we were out for my bachelorette party.

The website was pretty clean and easy to use with search feature where all I did was type in “bridal” and viola, dozens of designs for bridal party t-shirts appeared. The colors of my wedding were light pink and black. I was hoping to find shirts with those colors incorporated, and although the predesigned bridal shirts were really creative, I wanted to add a personal touch to the shirts, so, I thought I would try to design my bridal t-shirts.

just married pantiesI clicked on the “Make Your Own” link at the top and it led me to a user-friendly digital t-shirt designer. I am not very computer savvy, but I found this t-shirt designer to be pretty easy to use. You can choose from hundreds of products to put designs on—from t-shirts and tank tops to hats and even underwear, I might be looking into that for the honeymoon, just kidding Mom! (She was looking over my shoulder just then)

I decided to go with the women’s standard weight t-shirt, although designing underwear for all of the girls was tempting; I would keep that in mind for a different time J. The next step was to choose the color of the t-shirts. I went with the black t-shirt so I could use pink letters. I was thinking I’d only be able to do something simple, but the designer allowed me to get creative! I was able to make an awesome t-shirt! I used the text tool and added “Bride” on the front and “Mrs. Smith” on the back in a light pink color. I used the Hole Hearted text and it created a cute text with hearts in it.

I then looked at the different designs offered. You can search for anything in this section. I decided to look search for hearts. I found a pages and pages of hearts to choose from. Luckily, on the first page was a heart with the perfect color I needed! I placed it on the back around “Mrs. Smith.” The best part of the whole process was the price! The digital t-shirt designer automatically changes the price depending on what you add on the t-shirt. After my product was complete, the total was $16.20. This was a fabulous price for my one-of-a-kind t-shirt.

With prices this great, I had to buy shirts for my fiancé and his groomsmen for his bachelor party! I did a white men’s standard weight t-shirt for theirs. All I had to do for theirs was add a design from the design section of the box. I went with a tux design on the front along with their “title” on the back. After I completed my shirt, my fiancé’s shirt and the entire bridal party (which included six bridesmaids and six groomsmen), the total was $201. That totals out to each shirt being about $14. Most t-shirt companies just charge a flat rate no matter what you put on it which is frustrating when you want something simple. I feel like the price I paid for the shirts was fair and well worth it. My fiancé and our bridal party were so surprised (mostly by the fact that I actually created them myself) and excited for their shirts. We all wore the shirts at our bachelor/bachelorette parties and it made me feel good that I could contribute in this way. I bragged to my fiancé and bridal party about how hard I worked on these shirts, but anyone who uses the Funky T-Shack knows the truth about their easy to use website.

Thanks Funky T-Shack!

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