Personalized Wedding Gifts From Bachelorette Party To Wedding Reception

//Personalized Wedding Gifts From Bachelorette Party To Wedding Reception

Personalized Wedding Gifts From Bachelorette Party To Wedding Reception

Many Brides to be come to for their personalized Bachelorette party digs and we love all of the creative ideas we see come through here. We print personalized messages on just about everything under the sun, well when it comes to apparel and accessories at least. Recently, we had one ambitious Bachelorette party planner come to us for custom printed tank tops for their bachelorette event, which we were happy to assist with. This party planner was also helping with the ceremony and reception set up and gave us some information about some really cool things that we don’t personalize.

personalized bachelorette party t-shirts and hoodies

Typically, we’re not in the business of promoting other businesses, but we are in the business of personalized items and these wedding gifts were really pretty cool. We liked the fact that these items could be used a more serious and elegant addition to the lighter and perhaps more humorous items you may find or create here on FunkyTshack.

So, what is it already? Custom engraved crystal wedding gifts on crystal items designed by world renown crystal companies Swarovski and Waterford — BAMMM!! Just blew your mind, right? Well, maybe I didn’t blow your mind, but at the very least it is pretty cool.

When people want custom printed apparel, they come to FunkyT, because that’s what we do, but when people are looking for personalized crystal toasting flutes, cake toppers, serve ware and things of that nature, where do they go? They go to the Irish Crystal Co., because who better to work with fine Irish crystal, than the Irish Crystal Co.?

Personalized wedding gifts are nothing new to us, but the Irish Crystal Co. has combined their mastery of crystal and glass engraving with some of the most sought after collectible crystal gifts including toasting flutes and cake servers by world renown brands Waterford and Swarovski Crystal. People seek out and cherish both Waterford and Swarovski fine crystal — combining these popular crystal items with elegantly engraved and personalized messages for weddings and receptions has allowed Irish Crystal Co. to carve out a new niche within the personalized gift market, and we’re happy to say it’s not ours.

The wedding industry is big business, constantly keeping up to date with the latest and greatest trends, styles, and accessories — not an easy feat when the customer base is full of discerning brides. One thing that personalized crystal wedding gifts offer that make them unique is that the customized accessories are used during wedding events and then become cherished keepsakes for many years to come. Crystal, unlike personalized napkins and t-shirts, are show pieces. I’m sure some of our designers would say that their t-shirt designs are show pieces and even cherished keepsakes, but they surely aren’t home accents. Crystal can work as a gift, an accessory and can even become elegant home decor, that inspires conversation and reminds us of things that are far more important, like our ties to one another.

One of the most popular crystal engraved items for wedding events are the engraved crystal champagne toasting flutes. Irish Crystal Co. can engrave on a variety of different Waterford Crystal toasting flutes. Personalized crystal toasting flutes come in pairs, making them a perfect item for personalized bride and groom keepsakes.  Custom engraved glasses make quite the statement whether you are raising a toast on your wedding day, first anniversary, or fiftieth.

Waterford wedding cake serverIt’s quite surprising what items, usually taken for granted, can be transformed into a priceless reminder and cherished gift. Take for example the engraved Lismore cake server by Waterford. Typically, cake servers are discarded or stored away after use, but a personalized cake server by Waterford — well, that is something perfect in design and function, making it a worthy serving piece for display. Gone are the days of the classic bride and groom cake toppers, replaced by truly classic and collectible crystal figurines by Swarovski. It’s long been tradition to save the top layer of cake, but soon we may have an entirely new tradition of saving collectible crystal cake toppers to commemorate the special day.


So, for people seeking a completely custom and personalized wedding event, start with for your personalized bachelorette party t-shirts and apparel and then check out for elegant crystal accents ranging from Swarovski crystal figurine cake toppers to Waterford engraved toasting flutes.


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